Sir Chip Munk

Squirrel-SketchesI chose a chipmunk for this piece because I had taken photographs of one I discovered on a hiking trip in Missouri one year. Of course I could not find the photos when I needed them. I used an instructional painting book called Keys to Painting Fur & Feathers edited by Rachel Rubin Wolf for reference which was really helpful. I was debating about using an owl or squirrel.

Owl-&-ChipmonkHere is the later found chipmunk picture. Chipmunk_edited-1

I chose this painting for color reference and lighting because of its complexity. I wanted to get the most of this experience.  Old-Painting Here are the color comps with different lighting.

I had trouble with the sketch and the feet positions perhaps because the legs of a chipmunk are so nothing. They seem to be mostly cute chubby body with feet so I changed the feet position. They still look off to me. Sir-Chip-Munk

I believe I am not able to use the gradient tool the same as newer Photoshop versions.

Please let me know what you think. This is a different type of illustration style for me.


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