Sir Chip Munk

Squirrel-SketchesI chose a chipmunk for this piece because I had taken photographs of one I discovered on a hiking trip in Missouri one year. Of course I could not find the photos when I needed them. I used an instructional painting book called Keys to Painting Fur & Feathers edited by Rachel Rubin Wolf for reference which was really helpful. I was debating about using an owl or squirrel.

Owl-&-ChipmonkHere is the later found chipmunk picture. Chipmunk_edited-1

I chose this painting for color reference and lighting because of its complexity. I wanted to get the most of this experience.  Old-Painting Here are the color comps with different lighting.

I had trouble with the sketch and the feet positions perhaps because the legs of a chipmunk are so nothing. They seem to be mostly cute chubby body with feet so I changed the feet position. They still look off to me. Sir-Chip-Munk

I believe I am not able to use the gradient tool the same as newer Photoshop versions.

Please let me know what you think. This is a different type of illustration style for me.

“Lilythrop” Written by Susan Taylor Illustrated by Melissa Kathleen Peterson


Book Description

February 2, 2015 3 – 8 P – 4
A children’s illustrated book about acceptance even when we meet someone who is different than us. Everyone has special talents that can benefit others. Ortimer decides to make his home in a new town. The people of the town turn him away because he has a facial deformity. Ortimer makes friends with a bear and a young boy of the town. When the people of the town are having trouble with their lily harvest because of a drought, Ortimer comes to the rescue with his special ability to make it rain. The story is about three unlikely characters who come together through a special friendship. They show others how to accept one another on the inside and not how they look on the outside.

Works In Progress

A character for my new book.
A character for my new book.

October 10, 2013

Have you ever felt like you did not fit in? I believe most of us have felt this at one time or another. This is Sam, a new character for my upcoming children’s book. He wants to play baseball but the kids don’t choose him for their team. He sits on the sidelines because he is different from them. Angels come to the rescue. They tell the team, “Frieda, Joyce, Camilla and Steve, we all came from Adam and Eve.”

Another of the characters is Nera. I will keep you posted on her development.

“The One of a Kind Golden Rock”

A BIG FISH TALE WITH A TRUTHFUL MESSAGE In the murky distorted water of the Missouri River, twins Abby and Tim keep a watchful eye on a sick minnow. To their surprise, the minnow encounters some unique water creatures who give the minnow special gifts. The characters are: Spirit, Wisdom and The Prince. Tim and Abby also learn about the gifts of Knowledge, Peace, and Hope. The minnow grows into a beautiful fish. Then, with joyful hearts, the fish and the children share the gifts with others. “The One of a Kind Golden Rock,” parallels a relationship with God through the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.